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For this game, it is the PCs against the world. You will have few allies and rewards will be scarce. Combat will be an ever present element, but it will be dangerous, often fatal, and exhaust scarce and precious resources. When it comes to combat, the players will find cunning and caution will be a more effective means. Rest assured there will be comparable rewards for those who find non-violent means of resolution to those who use brute force.

Izrador has corrupted every level of Eredane. Nobles who wish to hold on to their wealth and power bow to him. Mercenaries that wish to be paid, work for him. And peasants who wish to live, fear him. On top of this, in the war against the shadow, the relations of the races has been riven apart. Those, such as you, will find you are unwanted and despised more often than not in your travels and dealing with people will be key to your survival.

Midnight has been designed to be a game of harsh wilderness. You will have to worry about; finding food, dealing with disease, enduring the elements, finding and using resources to survive, and dealing with the wild creatures along with whatever quest you partake. It will not be easy, so prepare yourself well with more than swords and axes.

House Rules

Good and Evil

Personally, I’ve always felt alignment is like a ball and chain. Or it’s a box you have to put your character into and are restrained by as you play him/her. I personally find it more fun when you can play a complex character with his/her own thoughts, motivations, and experiences. For this reason, this campaign will be run without alignment. Characters are neither good nor evil, but are with the shadow or against the shadow. For this reason, any spell that has the good/evil, chaos/law descriptor, replace it with the shadow or resistance descriptor.

Since we’re on the subject, being minions of the shadow in midnight is in my opinion a pretty boring game. So, I plan to run a game for resistance characters. In terms of whether your character falls within the benevolent/malevolent and orderly/chaotic scales and conducts himself/herself as such – that is entirely at your discretion.

Breaking Equipment

Equipment will wear or break when used improperly in combat, or when damage is intentionally done to them (a sunder attack). Breaking of weapons and armor follows all the rules in the PHB and the DMG with the following addendum.

Player’s must keep track of their equipment condition (Hardness and HP of the item).

When the player rolls a natural 1, they must roll a confirmation attack roll against the targets AC with all the modifiers of the original attack. If the confirmation attack-roll hits, then it is simply a missed attack. If the confirmation attack roll misses, the player must roll damage subtracting the weapons current hardness – this damage is done directly to the HP of the weapon the player used for the attack. Once the attack is resolved the damaged weapon’s hardness is reduced by 1.

A weapon that has hardness less than half its total hardness (rounded up) is considered to be in poor condition and takes a -1 to all attacks and damage rolls.

When an enemy scores an attack on a natural 20, the armor’s protection bonus is reduced by 1 and the ACP is increased by one. When the armor bonus reaches 0 the armor is of course, useless.

Variant rule for breaking magic items: While broken, the magic item no longer confers its magical bonus, but when repaired it recovers its magic bonus.

Players can restore their equipment’s hardness and HP by performing the appropriate craft check, with tools and the right materials.

Fate Points

Sometimes the actions of a character are not entirely their own. Sometimes they perform a feat of such epic proportions it almost seems as if a higher power or the strands of fate guided the actions of the character. All characters start out with 1 action point. The DM will reward action points to the characters at certain points (performing a milestone, performing a certain task beyond the expectations of the current quest or sometimes completing certain quests will reward action points). Using an action point is a free action that can be used only once per round.

Players can use action points for the following uses:

- Add a random amount to any d20 roll. The action point may be used after the d20 roll is made. The amount rolled to add to the d20 rolls is determined by the following table:

Character Level Dice Rolled
1st-7th 1d6
8th-14th 2d6
15th-20th 3d6

- Automatically get max damage on any attack or spell – must be declared before damage is rolled. This applies to all die rolls.

- to gain another standard action during your turn

- to regain 1d6 + you caster modifier in spell points

- if dying, to immediately stabilize to 0hp – any character that stabilizes in this way is thought to be dead and not worth dealing with by enemies

Encumbrance and Ammunition

Ammunition should be tracked. The player is not encumbered by consumables or ammunition. But, armor, weapons, containers and all other gear factors into the character’s encumbrance.

Skills and Feats

The player’s should note the addendums to skills outlined in the MCS. At character creation, it is recommended that player’s speak with the DM of the application of skills in midnight in order to optimally be aware of their uses. Here are some of the changes:

Barter – barter is far more important in midnight than in other campaigns, since currency is almost never used, the intrepid adventurer is wise to know the value of goods.

Knowledge skills – some additions and omissions in the knowledge skills of midnight. For example, knowledge(planes) and knowledge(religion) no longer exists because the other planes and the gods have been cut off from Aryth for many millennia. However, there is a prominence of spirits in midnight and there is as such knowledge(spirits). Taking available knowledge skills is in general encouraged since it may give some insight to the characters on how to tackle a current challenge, or simply unveil a bit of lore that adds to the majesty of midnight.

Speak Language – note there are different levels of fluency in language in midnight as well as a plethora of languages. The levels of competency are none, pidgin, basic, and fluent. To gain competency in a language beyond the languages a character starts with at 1st level, they must spend skill points for every level of competency gained. Note characters are automatically illiterate and becoming literate is typically a task no one has any idea on how to complete.

Herbalism – a new skill to the system, which is wisdom based, that allow characters to use raw herbs and roots to make potions, salves and other things to facilitate healing and other beneficial effects. Speak with the DM about the applications of herbalism. Herbalism is a class-skill for wildlanders and certain traditions of channeler.

Dodge Feat Confers a +1 dodge bonus to AC against all opponents, not just a single opponent.

Character Creation

All characters begin without any gear. Otherwise build the character the following way:

Step 1 – determine attributes. If you are making your character on your own, assign point buy attributes with 28 points. Use the table on page 169 of the DMG for the cost of ability score points. If you are making your character with the DM present, you may choose to roll your scores with the method the DM approves.

Step 2 – choose your race and class. Choose the races and classes available in the MCS (second edition midnight campaign setting).

Step 3 – assign your skill points as indicated in the MCS and PHB.

Step 4 – choose your feats

Step 6 – choose your spells

Step 5 – craft your background

Step 6 – choose your heroic path

Backgrounds and Heroic Paths

As outlined in the MCS, all heroic characters in midnight gain a heroic path. To make things simpler I will allow the player’s to choose their heroic path. The stipulation is that I would like a background that justifies the choice. The choice of heroic path should be a reflection on the character’s personality and/or experiences.

The reason I impose a stipulation on the character’s choice of heroic path is so the character creation is meaningful beyond a collection of derived stats.

Additional Content

For the purpose of content available to players, the MCS is the only book on the table right now (the PHB we’ll use for rules). For those of you who have gotten a hard-on for some additional content existing in other d20, dnd or midnight book, run it by me and we’ll talk about whether it fits.

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